Handling the Undead trailer shows zombies in a new unsettling way

A new haunting, emotional drama examines different ramifications of a zombie outbreak. Based on the book by the writer of Let the Right One In and Borders. The zombie genre resides comfortably under the umbrella of horror that it is rarely explored through different means. Then, you have films like Maggie, which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger … Read more

Sundance 2024: Handling the Undead, Desire Lines, A Different Man | Festivals & Awards

Rosskam’s approach is two-fold, intercutting interviews about transmasculine sexual history and behavior with a fictional interaction between characters played by Theo Germaine and Aden Hakimi. Both halves of the film feel like they’re trying to playfully unpack the complexity of the transmasculine sexual experience, revealing how silly it is to paint any gender identity with … Read more

Undead Unluck Episode 5 Will Focus on Fuuko Izumo

Undead Unluck season 1 episode 5 will air in a couple of days, wherein Andy and Fuuko’s attempt at escaping Russia will be explored. The fans anticipate the introduction of new enemies and companions in the upcoming episode. While the viewers acquaint themselves with the new characters, Andy and Fuuko will venture toward the Union … Read more

Undead Girl Murder Farce Part 2 Video Reveals Cast Members

The cast for Undead Girl Murder Farce‘s second part is confirmed, as per the series’ official website. A new trailer debuted alongside the confirmation. Who are the new voice cast members for the Undead Girl Murder Farce anime? The new trailer for Undead Girl Murder Farce Adapted from Yugo Aosaki’s novel series, the anime’s first … Read more

Dead Island 2 Feels Like Reincarnated Corpse of Undead Influences | Video Games

The game opens with the selection of a Slayer (I went with Jacob), which you will be tied to for the rest of the game—instantly a frustrating choice because I wish I could expand on how all of the options differ in terms of play , but my suspicion is that the differences are relatively … Read more