Ebert Symposium 2023 to Precede Ebertfest on April 18th & 19th | Festivals & Awards

As founder and director of CUIFF, Max has been grateful to see this vision become a reality, and plans are underway for next year’s festival. Additionally, CUIFF is excited for its new partnership with Ebertfest and honored to have one of its films showcasing in the Ebertfest 2023 Short Film Program. To learn more about … Read more

Renfield Video Highlights Nic Cage & Nicholas Hoult’s Characters

A brand new Renfield featurette for Universal Pictures’ forthcoming horror comedy has been revealed, featuring some new action-packed footage. It is scheduled to make its debut in theaters next week on April 14. The video shows a commentary by Nicholas Hoult and Nicolas Cage as they share what it was like for them to work … Read more

Kirsten Dunst Opens Up on ‘Very Extreme’ Pay Gap for Spider-Man Movies

Original Spiderman trilogy star Kirsten Dunst has spoken out about the pay she received for her work in the popular superhero movies. Alongside Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, Dunst starred in those movies as Mary Jane Watson. While she’s not the titular character suiting up to fight crime, she does play a very large part … Read more

Jack Black stars in Super Mario Bros Movie music video Peaches

Jack Black cosplays as Bowser in Peaches, a music video for The Super Marios Bros Movie, which is now playing in theaters. Jack Black has gone above and beyond when it comes to promoting The Super Mario Bros Movie, and that includes starring in Peaches, a music video which finds the actor dressed up as … Read more