15 Actors Who Hated Their Own Movies

I am willing to assume that every actor goes into every project hoping for the best. Even when they choose a project for the money, they surely still want the film to be good and for their audience to be satisfied. (Also, they do like the money. And can you blame them? Money is good.) Of … Read more

Eddington Cast Adds 4 Actors to Ari Aster’s New Movie

Ari Aster’s next film, Eddington, has rounded out its main cast with the addition of four new cast members. According to a recent report from Deadline, William Belleau (Killers of the Flower Moon), Cameron Mann (Mare of Easttown), Matt Gomez Hidaka (Silo), and Amélie Hoeferle (The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes) have … Read more

Actors Who Won Undeserved Oscars Because They’d Been Snubbed

There’s a phenomenon that people who pay attention to these kinds of things start whispering about whenever awards season draws near. The Academy Awards are the most prestigious entertainment awards in the country, and as such are highly coveted by everyone and anyone who works in the industry. Finally nabbing an Oscar is a career … Read more

5 actors who could pull it off

Jake Gyllenhaal and Dev Patel are making welcome stabs at action superstardom this spring, but who should be next? Jake Gyllenhaal is taking a long-awaited stab at action superstardom with his upcoming Prime Video remake of Road House hitting the streamer on March 21st (although it should really be going to theaters). Dev Patel also … Read more

Actors Who Got Ridiculously Buff for Movie Roles

There’s Method acting, and then there’s physically transforming yourself into an almost unrecognizable person for a movie role. Actors are getting beefier now that action movies and superhero flicks have turned the simple act of “playing a character” into a sport, and getting a personal trainer and a dietician and hitting the gym for three … Read more

‘Venom 3’ Delayed Despite End to Actors Strike

Few cinematic universes have been hit harder by the writers and actors strikes that are now, mercifully, behind us than the one Sony has built out of their rights to produce Spider-Man movies. They previously shifted back their Kraven the Hunter movie — which should have already been released in theaters according to the company’s original schedule … Read more

Actors Strike Ends After 118 Days

After 118 days, the actors’ strike is over. SAG-AFTRA announced that they had come to a tentative agreement with the AMPTP, the group representing the Hollywood studios. According to a statement from SAG-AFTRA’s negotiating committee, the strike is officially suspended as of 12:01AM PT on Thursday, November 9. The union’s statement claims that the contract is … Read more