How The Ladykillers Kicked Off Tom Hanks’ Weirdest Year Two Decades Ago | Features

It’s a feeling most deeply felt in the aching reveal shared by Navorski and Warren. “So what am I seeing,” Warren asks Navorski, having just learned that he is not a delayed business traveler but a man without a country. “Who are you,” she further prods, “Unacceptable?” As Navorski, Hanks is kinetic. He relies on … Read more

The Weirdest Christmas Movies and TV Specials Ever Made (From Star Wars to Pac-Man & Pee-Wee)

Ah, Christmas.  It’s a time of family get-togethers, going into debt, and TV and movie studios trying their best to cater to everyone.  Unless you’re on the Hallmark Channel, and it’s pretty obvious you’ve got one specific demo you are targeting with extreme prejudice. Over the years, many Christmas-themed movies and TV specials have danced … Read more