Tim Robinson Scores New Comedy Pilot, The Chair Company, From HBO, Adam McKay Producing

HBO has ordered a half-hour pilot of Tim Robinson’s new comedy series, The Chair Company. Per Deadline, HBO has greenlit a half-hour pilot of The Chair Company, a new comedy series co-written by Robinson and Zach Kanin. The Chair Company is executive produced by Adam McKay (The Big Short, Don’t Look Up) and Todd Schulman … Read more

44 Rock Artists Who Wrote Film Scores

One might assume that writing songs for an album and writing songs for a film’s soundtrack are two entirely separate forms of artistic processes. But as many songwriters will tell you, the experiences are actually remarkably similar. In both cases, a story is told through music — an image created in the mind’s eye using … Read more

PR Company Accused of Paying Critics for Fresh Rotten Tomatoes Scores

Movie public relations company Bunker 15 has been accused of paying off critics for fresh Rotten Tomatoes scores. A recent article by Vulture, titled The Decomposition of Rotten Tomatoes, claims that Bunker 15 deliberately manipulated the Rotten Tomatoes score for Ophelia, a 2018 Hamlet retelling starring Daisy Ridley. According to Vulture’s report, Ophelia received a … Read more

Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer 3 Scores Big

Never doubt the power of an A-list superstar. The Denzel Washington-led Equalizer 3 destroyed all competition at the domestic box office en route to a $42 million 4-day weekend ($34.5M 3-day) after an impressive $13.1M Friday, per Deadline. That’s about on par with the previous two entries in Antoine Fuqua’s franchise, a hair under The … Read more

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Scores Record Opening

Illumination/Universal’s Super Mario Bros. made an incredible splash at the box office this weekend, grossing an astronomical $146.36 million domestically over the 3-day weekend and a record $204.6 million over its first five days, per Deadline. To put that in perspective, Illumination’s previous top opening was 2015’s minionswhich earned $115M domestically en route to a … Read more