Female Filmmakers in Focus: Alice Rohrwacher on La Chimera | Interviews

I wanted to ask you about capitalism’s role in the film. Obviously, they’re removing these antiquities, not just to have that connection with history, but they are then selling them on the black market. You have that great scene on the boat with your sister Alba. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how capitalism … Read more

La Chimera movie review & film summary (2024)

As with 2018’s charming “Happy as Lazzaro,” Rohrwacher tricks you into thinking her film is a pleasingly low-key hang. In truth, she’s saying something more substantive and profound about the tug of history—of centuries of culture as well as a newly lost love.  Josh O’Connor’s Arthur is the hangdog robber who feels both forces pulling on him equally. He’s an Englishman in rural Italy with a preternatural gift … Read more

NYFF 2023: Here, La Chimera, Janet Planet

This year at the New York Film Festival, there were quite a few features that explored the complexity of loneliness and the need for familial and romantic love. Set against lush backgrounds full of grass, trees and various greenery, these films transported us to a quieter place and time—a place for pondering relationships and wondering … Read more

CIFF 2023: The Taste of Things, Fallen Leaves, La Chimera | Festivals & Awards

Happily, Kaurismaki’s filmmaking skills have not slackened in the interim. While not quite as bleak as those earlier movies, he does an intriguing job of taking classic rom-com tropes and finding new ways of approaching them. The deadpan style of humor he has always favored ends up fitting in nicely with the romance that he … Read more