Female Filmmakers in Focus: Alice Rohrwacher on La Chimera | Interviews

I wanted to ask you about capitalism’s role in the film. Obviously, they’re removing these antiquities, not just to have that connection with history, but they are then selling them on the black market. You have that great scene on the boat with your sister Alba. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how capitalism … Read more

Alice and the Vampire Queen Trailer Puts on a Bloody Feast

Independent film distributor Breaking Glass Pictures has revealed an Alice and the Vampire Queen trailer. Alice and the Vampire Queen focuses on an ex-con, Alice Oldman, who struggles to overcome her past scars. A mysterious stranger offers her a deal: create one special dish for his boss, the Vampire Queen. You can view the trailer … Read more

TIFF 2023: Alice & Jack, Expats, Sly

Three projects I watched at the festival this year asked audiences to think about subjects that they think they know well and look at them from a different angle. In the first two episodes of the new romantic series “Alice & Jack,” from writer Victor Levin and director Juho Kuosmanen, a complex relationship unfolds over … Read more