Disneyland’s Secret ‘Club 33’ Is Getting Its Own Movie

Hardcore fans of Disneyland love the park, but they dream for years about going to one specific place: Club 33. The exclusive establishment, first built into the New Orleans Square section of Disneyland in 1967, can only be accessed by paying members and their guests. And membership isn’t cheap; it supposedly costs thousands of dollars a year after an … Read more

Club Zero movie review & film summary (2024)

Ambiguity and extreme emotional states occur simultaneously in Jessica Hausner’s films, where what “is” is not a simple question, and what we should take from all of it is equally obscured. Her characters are in extremis, and their emotional or spiritual states create a separate reality. The everyday business of going through life doesn’t come … Read more

The Bikeriders, a Motorcycle Club Film, Highlights a Positive Woman’s Role | Features

The movie “Hell’s Angels on Wheels” (1967) starred Adam Roarke, Jack Nicholson, and Sabrina Scharf. Roger Ebert wrote: “This actually isn’t such a bad movie. Sure, it’s an exploitation picture, manufactured on a low budget to cash in on the current boom in motorcycle gangs. Sure, it has all the obligatory clichés, like an orgy … Read more

Richard Romanus, Mean Streets loan shark & Maurice Hines, star of The Cotton Club, dead

Richard Romanus, best known for playing Michael Longo in Martin Scorsese’s Mean Streets, has passed away at the age of 80. It’s sad to say, but death seems to be working overtime as we close out 2023. Following the news that beloved character actor Tom Wilkinson has passed away, come the passing of two more … Read more

CIFF 2023: Family Portrait, Club Zero, The Bride | Festivals & Awards

Written and directed by Lucy Kerr, “Family Portrait” takes place on a sprawling estate in Texas as a large family attempts to take their annual group photo for their holiday card. Kerr sets the mood with a lingering, almost silent pan as the family gathers in a field during a more successful previous portrait outing. … Read more

Ayo Edebiri & Rachel Sennott Create a Fight Club in Teen Comedy

MGM has dropped the first Bottoms clip from its forthcoming R-rated teen comedy. The film features Emmy nominee Ayo Edebiri and Shiva Baby star Rachel Sennott as high school seniors who set up their very own fight club. The video shows Edebiri’s Josie and Sennott’s PJ as they called to the principal’s office, after they … Read more

The Miracle Club movie review (2023)

Lily (Smith) and Eileen (Bates) are lifelong friends living in a working-class suburb of Dublin, made up really of just a couple of blocks. It is a close community where everyone knows everyone else, gossip reigns, and grudges go on for generations. Lily, Eileen, and their much younger friend Dolly (Agnes O’Casey) sign up for … Read more

Cannes 2023: Fallen Leaves, Club Zero, Firebrand | Festivals & Awards

Walking the red carpet for his Cannes premiere on Monday, Kaurismäki, instead of treating the procession like a formal occasion, goofed around with photographers and even poked a little fun at the festival’s head programmer, Thierry Frémaux, at the top of the steps. This is a filmmaker who delights in life. “Club Zero,” directed by … Read more

Assassin’s Club movie review & film summary (2023)

The premise, like the movie that follows, is simple enough. Golding stars as Morgan, an ex-Marine sniper turned hired killer who may look spry enough but is already considering retirement. Morgan dreams of starting a new life with his girlfriend Sophie (Daniela Melchior), but he must first complete one last high-paying job, and it’s obviously … Read more