The 2024 Chicago Palestine Film Festival Highlights | Festivals & Awards

Barghouti’s family, longing for him, speak as though he will find release. The more profound point here, present in all the films of this Festival, is that as they watch the Occupiers seize their towns, their homes, and their bodies, the Palestinians cannot help but persist. His resistance, whether from a rooftop speech or torture in … Read more

The Overlook Film Festival Highlights, Part 2: The Hands of Orlac, Kill Your Lover, Dead Mail, Red Rooms | Festivals & Awards

By focusing on its central relationship drama, “Kill Your Lover” never fully devolves into the sweaty social critique that it sometimes threatens to become. In dialogue with each other—as well as sex and bite-sized memories that come back to them as they quarrel—we see Gilmour and Quigley-Murphy’s characters as quarrelsome, fully-realized people who, at the … Read more

The Overlook Film Festival 2024 Highlights, Part 1: Fasterpiece Theater, Exhuma, All You Need is Death, Me | Festivals & Awards

You can tell that the Overlook’s organizer have already cultivated a receptive audience for their programming given how engaged and focused theatergoers’ questions were after each screening. People were really excited to find out more about whatever they just saw, including a special screening of “Me,” Don Hertzfeldt’s trippy, unsettling 23-minute long musical. Most people … Read more

Metrograph Highlights Remarkable Career of Lee Chang-dong | Features

Lee may be best known in the United States for his latest film, “Burning” (2018), an adaptation of a Haruki Murakami short story called “Barn Burning” that is itself a riff on a William Faulkner short story also called “Barn Burning.” Starring Yoo Ah-in as listless loner Lee Jong-su, in love with lissome dreamer Hae-mi … Read more

The Bikeriders, a Motorcycle Club Film, Highlights a Positive Woman’s Role | Features

The movie “Hell’s Angels on Wheels” (1967) starred Adam Roarke, Jack Nicholson, and Sabrina Scharf. Roger Ebert wrote: “This actually isn’t such a bad movie. Sure, it’s an exploitation picture, manufactured on a low budget to cash in on the current boom in motorcycle gangs. Sure, it has all the obligatory clichés, like an orgy … Read more

Part Two Video Highlights Paul Atreides’ Action-Packed Return

Warner Bros. has released a brand new Dune: Part Two video for Legendary’s upcoming action sci-fi sequel featuring Oscar nominee Timothée Chalamet’s return as Paul Atreides. The featurette highlights Paul’s destiny as the Fremen’s prophesied Messiah, as he bears the weight of the responsibilities that come with the title. It also features commentary from Zendaya … Read more

Black Harvest Film Festival 2023 Highlights: John Singleton, Tyler Perry, and A Vibrant Artistic Community | Festivals & Awards

It’s been a year since the festival’s co-founder, the dearly missed Sergio Mims, passed away. Celebrating its 29th iteration, the first program directly untouched by Mims, the festival conjured a theme that implicitly connected the gathering to its enduring past while looking toward a necessary future. Lead Curator Jada-Amina and Coordinator Nick Leffel rang the … Read more

Michelle Yeoh’s Netflix series teaser poster highlights a star-studded dark comedy

The Brothers Sun teaser poster highlights the star-studded cast of the upcoming Netflix series starring Michelle Yeoh. Netflix’s Geeked Week is underway, and the streamer is celebrating the impending arrival of its dark comedy series, The Brothers Sun, with a new teaser poster. The brightly lit preview features the project’s fantastic cast, led by Oscar-winning actress … Read more

Wish Video Highlights Story Behind ‘This Wish’ Song From Julia Michaels & Benjamin Rice

Disney has dropped a brand new Wish video for its forthcoming animated fantasy movie, providing new details about the film’s original theme song. The featurette showcases commentary by the creative team, including writer Jennifer Lee and director Chris Buck, as they discuss the inspiration behind newest Disney movie. It also highlights the writing and recording … Read more

The Marvels Trailer Highlights Captain Marvel’s Return

A brand new The Marvels trailer for Marvel Studios’ upcoming superhero team-up movie has been revealed, highlighting Captain Marvel’s action-packed return. The video teases the feud between Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers and Zawe Ashton’s Dar-Benn, who seemingly has a vendetta against the Avenger as she claims that Carol had took everything away from her. The … Read more