Before Charlie Cox was Daredevil he starred in this underrated fantasy epic

INTRO: Director Matthew Vaughn is known for making gangster movies and comic book adaptations. Producing Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and making his directorial debut with Layer Cake paved the way for bigger projects: Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class, the Kingsman franchise, Argylle. But in between the gangsters and the over-the-top heroics, he decided to … Read more

Working with Complete Fantasy: On the Legacy of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes | Features

The 1950s was a decade of great sexual repression, and the culture tugged towards the nuclear family that had been disrupted during WWII. This obsession often focused on voluptuous women’s bodies, and few were more notable than that of Russell and Monroe, the latter, in 1953, at the beginning of her star career. Yet, due … Read more

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Is an Essential Update of a Classic RPG | Video Games

The original game hinted at these deeper personalities, though only in brief conversations — never in ways that felt substantial or even relevant to the broader picture. How these characters navigate their fears, tragedies, and hopes is as much the story of “Rebirth” as Sephiroth’s quest for vengeance or even the mystery of the Whispers, … Read more

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Preview: An Ambitious Next Step

While 2020’s Final Fantasy VII Remake impressed with its attention to detail and fleshing out the opening section of 1997’s FFVII into a full game, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth impresses with its sheer scale. By exiting the city of Midgar, Square Enix takes players out into Gaia, allowing them to fully explore and take in … Read more

Moonlit Fantasy Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date & Time on Crunchyroll

The Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy Season 2 Episode 4 release date and time have been revealed. The episode will air on Crunchyroll. This anime series is based on a Japanese light novel series written by Kei Azumi and illustrated by Mitsuaki Matsumoto. It centers around Makoto Misumi, an ordinary high school boy who is unexpectedly summoned … Read more

Shout! Studios secure exclusive rights to Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, and other Jim Henson Company fantasy classics

Shout! Studios holds the exclusive rights to Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, and other films in the timeless Jim Henson Company library. While Best Buy is busy committing a cardinal sin by removing Blu-rays and DVDs from its brick-and-mortar stores, Shout! Studios are securing exclusive rights to Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, and other Jim Henson Company library titles. … Read more

She is Conann Trailer and Poster Revealed for the Fantasy Epic

A new theatrical trailer and poster have been released for Bertrand Mandico’s She is Conann ahead of Altered Innocence’s upcoming North American theatrical release. She is Conann Trailer and Poster She is Conann is Mandico’s third feature following The Wild Boys, and the multi-award-winning After Blue, She is Conann is described as a barbaric fantasy … Read more

Orion and the Dark Photo Shows Off Netflix’s Animated Fantasy Movie

Netflix has dropped a brand new Orion and the Dark photo for Charlie Kaufman’s forthcoming animated fantasy movie featuring the voices of Jacob Tremblay and Paul Walter Hauser. The photo provides a closer look at the unlikely titular duo who will embark on an adventure where Orion will learn how to conquer his fears of … Read more

Prime Video’s The Wheel of Time Continues Its Dull Fantasy Worldbuilding in Season Two | TV/Streaming

The problem is, in both last season and this one, “The Wheel of Time” doesn’t have much to offer the discerning fantasy fan. Besides, of course, lengthy runtimes, a glossary of high-fantasy gobbledygook, and plot threads as gossamer-thin as the magical waves the “channelers” of Robert Jordan’s fantasy world twirl around themselves, “Last Airbender”-like, when … Read more

Final Fantasy XVI Offers Rich, Detailed World for Gamers to Explore | Video Games

How does it play? “Final Fantasy” was often known for turn-based combat, but this version is a more hack-and-slash, action-based experience. It starts as a simple balance of melee and magic attacks that can be modestly customized, and Clive unlocks increasingly powerful combat techniques as the game progresses. Like most RPGs, “Final Fantasy XVI” contains … Read more