Our Opinion of Crossroads Hasn’t Changed, Our Feelings About Britney Spears Have | Features

Last year, Spears came back in a major way. She published her memoir, The Woman in Me, which was a frank, honest account of her life, including discussing the abortion she’d had while dating Timberlake. The grown-up she’d longed to be while making “Crossroads” was evident on the page. (Speaking of the film, in the … Read more

Chen Xingxu Confesses His Feelings For Victoria Song

The ongoing C-drama Our Interpreter, starring Chen Xingxu and Victoria Song, released episodes 8 and 9. The office romance follows the story of Lin Xi (Victoria Song) and Xiao Yi Cheng (Chen Xingxu), the former couple, who unexpectedly meet each other eight years after their separation when their companies land a partnership. In the previous … Read more

‘No Hard Feelings’ Makes Streaming Premiere

If you find yourself sometimes thinking that the Hollywood studios don’t make movie comedies like they used to, you’re not alone. The star-filled movie comedy seems borderline extinct these days — especially the ones that aren’t also big-budget action movies (like The Lost City) or have some kind of high-concept twist (like Strays, where cute dogs speak with the … Read more

No Hard Feelings Digital, Blu-Ray & DVD Release Date Set for R-Rated Comedy

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has set the No Hard Feelings Digital, Blu-ray, and DVD release dates for its R-rated comedy film. This comes after its theatrical release this past June. When is No Hard Feelings Digital, Blu-Ray, and DVD release dates? According to Collider, No Hard Feelings will arrive on digital on August 15. The … Read more

Spider-Man, Elemental, & No Hard Feelings

Audiences had plenty of options this weekend and ended up splitting the domestic box office between four films, namely Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse ($19.4M), Elemental ($18.3M), the Jennifer Lawrence comedy No Hard Feelings ($15.1M ), and The Flash ($15M). Box Office Results Spider-Man continues to soar above all other summer releases and has snagged an … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence’s Best Movies Before No Hard Feelings

On the eve of Jennifer Lawrence’s new comedy, No Hard Feelings, let’s delve into the Academy Award-winning actress’s film portfolio and look at her best movies and performances. Surprisingly, since she dazzled audiences with her breakout role in 2010’s Winter Bone, Lawrence has consistently chosen strong scripts that suit her acting style. It’s difficult to … Read more

No Hard Feelings movie review (2023)

Directed by Gene Stupnitsky (“Good Boys,” co-creator of Freevee’s “Jury Duty”), the film centers on Maddie Barker (Lawrence), a Montauk-based Uber driver in her early thirties and on the verge of bankruptcy. When her car gets repossessed by her scorned tow trucker ex Gary (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), the house that her late mother left her is … Read more

You Hurt My Feelings movie review (2023)

The problems at the center of “You Hurt My Feelings” may seem insignificant from the outside, but when they happen to you, they’re seismic. In particular, she vividly depicts the insecurity creative people experience when offering something personal to the world. We’re exposing ourselves, and we’re inviting criticism. It’s certainly a subject Holofcener knows well … Read more

Nicolas Cage has “mixed feelings” on Keanu Reeves after hustle

Nicolas Cage recalled the time Keanu Reeves hustled him in billiards inside of his own home, making endless “impossible” shots. “Watch them, the children of the night. What trick shots they make!” As Nicolas Cage gears up for the latest movie, Renfield (which seems like another blast from this phase of his career), he has … Read more