Gareth Edwards set to direct new Jurassic World movie

Rogue One director Gareth Edwards is in final negotiations to direct the new Jurassic World movie after David Leitch deal fell apart. From Jedi to dinosaurs. Rogue One director Gareth Edwards has been tapped to helm the new Jurassic World movie after a deal couldn’t be reached with David Leitch. The new Jurassic World movie … Read more

Foundation set to resume production after budget concerns

Season three of Apple TV+’s Foundation will resume filming next month after a slight delay over budget and production issues. Less than two weeks after it was announced that production would be delayed on Apple TV+’s sci-fi series Foundation, word has come that filming is again planned to resume. Filming was put on pause earlier … Read more

Is The Fantastic Four set in the 1960s? Poster clues say so

Most signs found in Marvel’s recent cast reveal point to 2025’s The Fantastic Four being set in the 1960s. Speculation around just about every aspect of the upcoming MCU entry The Fantastic Four has kept fans digging through rumors and clues: Who will be the core cast? Who will play main villain Galactus? With confirmation … Read more

A crew member has died on the set of the Marvel Studios series starring Yahya Abdul Mateen II

A crew member working on production for the Marvel Studios series Wonder Man has died after a terrible accident on the set. An awful accident resulting in the death of a crew member has hit the production of the Marvel Studios series Wonder Man. According to Deadline, a rigger working at CBS Redford Studios fell off the … Read more

Teja Sajja’s HanuMan Sequel Set for Major Change, Claim Reports

Teja Sajja‘s latest film, HanuMan, has garnered a significant buzz among the audience. The film has been well-praised by critics, who have commended Teja’s role as Hanumanthu. As many viewers who went to see the film would know, the post-credit scene reveals the title of the next installment of the movie—Jai Hanuman. After being charmed … Read more

Phiction, a book of stories set in the world of Phantasm

Don Coscarelli has written a book called Phiction, containing six stories set in the world of his Phantasm franchise 45 years ago, writer/director Don Coscarelli delivered one of the best horror films ever made: Phantasm, and film which spawned three sequels that Coscarelli wrote and directed himself, then a fourth that he wrote with director … Read more

The Nun II’s Best Set Piece Shows Good Horror Requires Craft and Consistency

I can’t say I expected much out of The Nun II. The first film did very well for itself at the box office and made the character a new horror icon of sorts, but as a horror film, its content struggled to match the lofty vision of its Gothic European setting and atmosphere. The Nun … Read more

The Return of the Living Dead Trioxin barrel set available for pre-order

Trick or Treat Studios is accepting pre-orders for the officially licensed The Return of the Living Dead Trioxin barrel set Last year, Trick or Treat Studios released an officially licensed 1:6 scale figure of the zombie known as the Tarman from the 1985 zombie horror comedy The Return of the Living Dead (watch it HERE). That figure is … Read more