‘Shrek 2’ Was One of the Biggest Movies in Theaters Last Weekend

A Shrek is back in the weekend box-office charts. What year is this?!? Last I looked, it is still 2024. But in mid-April 2024, one of the ten most popular movies in theaters was Shrek 2, the second of four bizarrely popular Shrek animated movies from DreamWorks. This movie first debuted in theaters in 2004, making 2024 its … Read more

Shrek 2 20th Anniversary Theatrical Rerelease Date Set

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Shrek 2, Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation announced the animated classic’s return to theaters. It starts April 12, 2024.  Tickets for Shrek 2’s re-release will be available for purchase on March 8 on Fandango and other ticketing sites nationwide. AMC Theaters also announced that they will be screening the … Read more

Shrek Finally Gets His Own Theme Park Land

Shrek is finally getting his own theme park land where he can roll around in mud and be an all-star. The enduringly popular animated ogre (and excellent meme fodder) from the Shrek film series will be one of the featured stars of the new DreamWorks Land opening soon at Universal Orlando resort. The kid-friendly area of the movie theme … Read more