The Perfection of the Human Soul: The Cast of Groundhog Day Celebrates Harold Ramis | Interviews

Returning to the Woodstock Square to film the Super Bowl commercial was super-special. Bill is one of the best actors I have ever worked with. There was never a take where he wasn’t in the moment a hundred percent, and a la Ed K. Martin, told the truth. They brought me in from the airport … Read more

Lucas Till battles human traffickers in August action release

Trailer: Lucas Till, Ruby Rose, Mercedes Varnado, Tyrese Gibson, and Ruby Rose star in the action thriller The Collective Tea MacGyver reboot that starred Lucas Till came to an end in 2021 after a five season, 94 episode run – and now Till is moving on from his MacGyver with the action thriller TheCollectivewhich will … Read more

Sony CEO calls AI scary but says it can’t replace human creativity

The debate continues as to whether or not AI is scary or a natural continuing in technological advances…or both. As the Writers Guild of America strike nears its second complete month, many continue to weigh in on the issues that pervade it, including the use of artificial intelligence in the writers room. And it’s not … Read more

Tribeca 2023: Fresh Kills, The Graduates, The Secret Art of Human Flight | Festivals & Awards

It’s also packed with details so specific that you suspect that the source wasn’t another movie or a book but someone’s life—such as the moment when a child goes wandering through a mob-owned business and innocently discovers something a child shouldn’t know about; or the nonchalant way that mob-connected teenagers flirt, smoke, carouse, and get … Read more