Heroes creator Tim Kring is rebooting the sci-fi drama series into a new show titled Heroes: Eclipse

Heroes creator Tim Kring is rebooting the superpowered series again with a cast of new characters for Heroes: Eclipse. Save the cheerleader. Save the world. Heroes creator Tim Kring made the mission sound so easy in 2006, but as we all know, things are more complex when people with supernatural abilities start running amok. Thankfully, we’re getting … Read more

Tim Robinson Scores New Comedy Pilot, The Chair Company, From HBO, Adam McKay Producing

HBO has ordered a half-hour pilot of Tim Robinson’s new comedy series, The Chair Company. Per Deadline, HBO has greenlit a half-hour pilot of The Chair Company, a new comedy series co-written by Robinson and Zach Kanin. The Chair Company is executive produced by Adam McKay (The Big Short, Don’t Look Up) and Todd Schulman … Read more

Tim Blake Nelson ‘Heartbroken’ to Be Cut From ‘Dune: Part Two’

Tim Blake Nelson is “heartbroken” that his scene from blockbuster Dune: Part Two was left on the cutting room floor. The 59-year-old actor was left gutted when he found out his contribution to the sequel to Denis Villeneuve’s 2021 film adaptation of the 1965 novel of the same name by Frank Herbert was cut due … Read more

Tim Burton to direct a reimagining of the 1958 sci-fi horror classic

Tim Burton gets behind the camera to reimagine the 1958 sci-fi horror classic Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman. Welcome to the Burtonaissance, friends! After blowing up Netflix charts with the delightfully binge-able Addams Family series Wednesday and debuting the title and release date for the long-anticipated Beetlejuice sequel, Tim Burton is ready to announce another project! According to Deadline, Tim Burton … Read more

Tim Burton Wanted to Make a Black and White ‘Catwoman’ Movie

Tim Burton wanted to make a Catwoman movie that would have been an $18 million black-and-white version of 1942’s Cat People. Burton first debuted his version of Catwoman, played by Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns, opposite Michael Keaton’s Batman. The film ended with a scene teasing the return of Pfeiffer’s character, and for years there was talk of a Catwoman … Read more

Casey Wilson says Tim Allen was “so rude” on The Santa Clauses

Casey Wilson says that working with Tim Allen on The Santa Clauses was the worst experience she’s had with a co-star. It’s safe to say that Casey Wilson and Tim Allen won’t be exchanging any Christmas presents this year. While speaking on her Bitch Sesh podcast, Wilson said that working with Allen on The Santa … Read more

Tim Burton celebrates the end of filming by sharing a picture from the set

Director Tim Burton has celebrated the end of filming on Beetlejuice 2 by sharing a picture from a familiar set Director Tim Burton was only a day and a half from being able to wrap production on his latest movie, Beetlejuice 2 – which, of course, happens to be the long-awaited (it’s been thirty-five years!) sequel to his classic Beetlejuice (watch … Read more

Tim Allen shares his idea for an Andy-centric sequel that brings all the toys together again

Tim Allen says he has an idea for Toy Story 5 involving the return of Andy for a mission to reunite Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang. Before the Thanksgiving break in the United States, Tim Allen said Disney contacted him and Tom Hanks about reprising their iconic Toy Story roles for a fifth film … Read more

Tim Burton Is Against The Nightmare Before Christmas Getting Sequels or Reboot

With The Nightmare Before Christmas celebrating its 30th anniversary, there’s been the expected chatter about sequels, reboots, and probably a lone lunatic advocating for a Disney live-action remake. One man who is very much not keen on any of that is its creator Tim Burton. Burton Wants No More Nightmares Speaking to Empire Magazine for … Read more

Tim Burton doesn’t want Nightmare Before Christmas reboot

Tim Burton doesn’t want to see a reboot or sequels to The Nightmare Before Christmas, saying the movie is too important. It’s been thirty years since the release of The Nightmare Before Christmas, so it’s somewhat surprising that the film hasn’t received any sequels or a reboot, and that’s just how Tim Burton wants it. … Read more