Kraven the Hunter Release Date Delayed for Spider-Man Villain Movie

It has been announced that the Spider-Man villain movie Kraven the Hunter has been delayed beyond its October 6, 2023 release date. When has Kraven the Hunter’s release date been delayed to? The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Kraven the Hunter’s release date has been pushed back from this October to August 30, 2024 — a … Read more

‘Kraven the Hunter’ Pushed Back By Almost a Full Year

The longer the writers and actors’ strikes continued, the more likely it became that studios would begin delaying movies. The reasons for such schedule changes are many, but there are two big ones: Actors and writers can’t work on films right now without crossing picket lines, so if a film needs reshoots, they can’t be completed right now. … Read more

A Spider-Man Villain Takes the Spotlight in the ‘Kraven’ Trailer

Kraven the Hunter has never been one of Spider-Man’s biggest enemies. He’s not Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus. He’s not even Hobgoblin or Mysterio or the Sandman. But now, before any of those characters, Kraven has his very own movie, making him one of the very few Marvel super-villains — after Venom and maybe Morbius … Read more