New ‘X-Men ’97’ Teases the Return of a Major Marvel Character

We’re at the halfway point of the first season of X-Men ’97, and this show has already given us ’90s nostalgia, tons of mutant drama, some shocking deaths, boatloads of cameos, clever adaptations of classic X-Men comics, and Magneto’s magnificent hair. If the new trailer for the rest of the season is to be believed, things are … Read more

Ex-Secret Singer Song Ji Eun and Youtuber Park We Reveal Major Relationship Update

Former Secret singer Song Ji Eun is candid about her relationship with YouTuber Park We in a new Instagram post. After five months of publicly dating, the love birds are taking the next major step in their relationship. South Korean artists tend to keep their relationships private, as this can garner unnecessary criticism. Song Ji … Read more

Irene Takes a Major Step

Amid Red Velvet‘s disbandment rumors, group leader Irene recently took a significant step in supporting SM Entertainment. Previously, in 2021, all Red Velvet members, including Wendy, Joy, Seulgi, Yeri, and Irene, renewed their contract with SM Entertainment. However, the turmoil in the management of the music label, which peaked in 2023, made many speculate that the existing … Read more

Major Update in WWE Superstar Liv Morgan’s Arrest Case

In a significant development, WWE Superstar Liv Morgan’s arrest case has taken a new turn. Morgan was arrested in Florida last December due to ‘possession of marijuana (not more than 20 grams)’ and ‘possession of drugs, possibly synthetic cannabinoid.’ The former Women’s Champion was arrested in Sumter County, Florida, on December 14, 2023. Law enforcement … Read more

Nine Major Omissions from the 2024 Oscar Nominations | Festivals & Awards

But we have the next six weeks to celebrate all of those wonderful achievements, so today they can take a backseat to a different set of emotions: confusion, incredulity, despondence, and outrage at a handful of surprising selections that range from head-scratching to tone-deaf to outright spiteful. As always with these things, it’s worth remembering … Read more

Teja Sajja’s HanuMan Sequel Set for Major Change, Claim Reports

Teja Sajja‘s latest film, HanuMan, has garnered a significant buzz among the audience. The film has been well-praised by critics, who have commended Teja’s role as Hanumanthu. As many viewers who went to see the film would know, the post-credit scene reveals the title of the next installment of the movie—Jai Hanuman. After being charmed … Read more

Saw X director says Amanda will be a “major character”

Saw X director Kevin Greutert says that Shawnee Smith’s Amanda will be a “major character” in the upcoming sequel. Amanda Young (Shawnee Smith) was introduced in the very first Saw movie as a young heroin addict who was the only known survivor of one of Jigsaw’s games. After being revealed as Jigsaw’s apprentice in the … Read more

The Bikeriders earns major praise out of Telluride premiere

Jeff Nichols’ latest, The Bikeriders, is earning a lot of acclaim following its debut at the Telluride Film Festival. The 50th Telluride Film Festival is underway, with Jeff Nichols’ latest, The Bikeriders, setting the pace with rave reviews all around, with some even saying it is now officially part of the Oscar discussion. Now, where’s … Read more

Fantasia 2023: Lovely, Dark, and Deep, Where the Devil Roams, With Love and a Major Organ | Festivals & Awards

The Adams family returned to Fantasia this year with “An Adams Family Picture Show,” a Great Depression period piece set among carnies and liars inflicted with trauma from World War I. It’s their biggest movie so far, with extras and sets that recall “Nightmare Alley” (both the original and Guillermo del Toro’s color tribute), in … Read more