Carl Rinsch blew $55 million budget of cancelled Netflix show

47 Ronin director Carl Rinsch blew a sizeable chunk of a $55 million Netflix budget on cryptocurrency and stock market gambles. Even for Netflix, $55 million is a huge chunk of cash to drop on a series…especially if they don’t receive a single completed episode. But that’s just what happened when Netflix put 47 Ronin … Read more

Napoleon’s Tuesday holiday previews capture $3 million

Ridley Scott’s French epic is conquering IMAX screens and other premium theaters, but will it be enough to make it a hit? While Thanksgiving usually belongs to football, Hollywood sometimes capitalizes on the holiday with either Christmas movies to start you with the holly jolly spirit, or they release certain awards hopeful titles. This year, … Read more

Taylor Swift Film Expected to Open to Record $150+ Million

Taylor Swift has been catapulted to a whole new level of fame ever since the pandemic. Of course, she was pretty much a household name before that. Now, you can’t leave the house without seeing her mentioned somewhere. There’s a good reason for that. And now, a concert movie of her recent Eras tour is expected to do … Read more

Loki season 2 premiere reaches 10.9 million viewers in three days

The season 2 premiere of Loki has reached 10.9 million viewers in three days, making it the second most-watched premiere of the year. Audiences can’t get enough of Loki. Disney announced today that the premiere of Loki season 2 on Disney+ is their second most-viewed season premiere in 2023, with 10.9 million views globally after … Read more

Believer opens with a soft $27.2 Million

Despite some genuinely horrible reviews from critics and fans alike, The Exorcist: Believer saw a franchise best debut of $28 million. The Exorcist: Believer saw a first weekend take of $27.2 million, coming in under even the most modest of projections, including our own low end $30 million prediction, yet still having the best opening … Read more

Believer eyes $28 Million start

The horrible reviews seem to have played a part in The Exorcist: Believer coming in shy of its low end $30 million projections Numbers have begun rolling in for this first full weekend in October and they are generally in line with our predictions from Thursday. The Exorcist: Believer is coming out on top with … Read more

Game Pass May Have Over 30 Million Subscribers

Microsoft’s Game Pass may have surpassed 30 million subscribers. Microsoft doesn’t like to publish specific stats about its Xbox products. However, a Microsoft employee may have slipped up and revealed more than he was supposed to. Game Pass likely has over 30 million subscribers across all platforms Tech news site Tweek Town recently took note … Read more

The Nun II opens with $32.6 Million

The Conjuring Universe rules as The Nun II pulls in a solid $32.6 million as it looks to hold steady throughout the spooky season. This weekend was a battle of sequels as the top three films were not the first films in their respective franchises. Coming out on top was The Nun II with an … Read more