Staying Connected: Gelila Bekele and Armani Ortiz on Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story | Interviews

“Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story” is an eye-opening documentary helmed by Gelila Bekele, who has a son with Perry, and Armani Ortiz, who has worn numerous hats at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, which is the largest film studio in the United States. Their film chronicles the origins of Perry’s work, which spawned from … Read more

Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story movie review (2023)

The two most effective parts are the section about Perry’s abuse by his father, who beat him bloody on the regular, and the section analyzing the appeal of Perry’s staggeringly successful run as a self-made theater impresario who could sell out venues with thousands of seats by telling stories about working-class, church-attending, mostly culturally conservative Black characters like … Read more

Black Harvest Film Festival 2023 Highlights: John Singleton, Tyler Perry, and A Vibrant Artistic Community | Festivals & Awards

It’s been a year since the festival’s co-founder, the dearly missed Sergio Mims, passed away. Celebrating its 29th iteration, the first program directly untouched by Mims, the festival conjured a theme that implicitly connected the gathering to its enduring past while looking toward a necessary future. Lead Curator Jada-Amina and Coordinator Nick Leffel rang the … Read more

Matt LeBlanc & Courteney Cox pay tribute to Matthew Perry

Matt LeBlanc and Courteney Cox have paid tribute to their late co-star Matthew Perry on Instagram, sending “much love” to the actor. The One Where Joey & Monica Say Goodbye. After taking time out to process their beloved cast-mate’s death, Matt LeBlanc and Courteney Cox have paid tribute to his late friend and onscreen roommate … Read more

‘Friends’ Episodes on Max Now Include Matthew Perry Tribute

The TV world is still reeling from the loss of Friends star Matthew Perry, who was found dead at his home in Los Angeles over the weekend. No cause of death has been announced, but reportedly there are no indications of any sort of foul play involved. Perry was only 54 years old. Tributes to Perry continue … Read more

‘Friends’ Cast Pays Tribute to Matthew Perry

The five surviving members of the Friends cast have broken their silence after the death of Matthew Perry, the sixth member of the ensemble, who passed away over the weekend at his home in Los Angeles. Perry was just 54 years old. The other Friends stars — Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt Le Blanc, and David … Read more

Friends cast release statement following Matthew Perry death

The cast of Friends are “utterly devastated” by the unexpected death of co-star Matthew Perry over the weekend. The death of Matthew Perry came as a huge shock, and many are still trying to process the unexpected loss of the Friends star, particularly those closest to him. In a joint statement to People, Matthew Perry’s … Read more

Matthew Perry Fans Gather at ‘Friends’ Apartment Building

Fans of the sitcom Friends and plenty of other projects have been mourning the death of Matthew Perry. While he’s best known for the role of Chandler Bing, he’s been in tons of other big roles. In the gaming community, he’s best known as Benny from Fallout: New Vegas. While he largely stuck to sitcoms, whether that’s … Read more