Marvel Plans ‘Vision’ TV Series Starring Paul Bettany

It’s been more than three years since Marvel fans saw Paul Bettany’s Vision; the character was left with a massive cliffhanger following the events of WandaVision, which saw his synthetic body reconstituted without its memories or personality. (His traditional green and red coloring was replaced with an all-white color scheme as well.) What happened to this new … Read more

Euphoria season 3 delay due to creator’s plans for time jump

Euphoria season 3 delay is reportedly due to creator Sam Levinson moving the characters out of high school. It’s been over two years since the last episodes of Euphoria, so fans have been anxiously awaiting the return of the HBO series for some time. Unfortunately, it was confirmed earlier today that production on Euphoria season … Read more

John Waters has no plans to retire

Even though he hasn’t directed a movie in nearly two decades, John Waters has no intent on retiring after his eventual next film, Liarmouth. John Waters may not have directed a film in nearly two decades, but he has been far from slowing down. With a handful of books, several TV appearances and his annual … Read more

Marvel Plans To Fight Superhero Fatigue With ‘Wacky’ The Marvels

Nia DaCosta, the director of The Marvels, recently sat down with Total Film to discuss the state of today’s superhero movies and her upcoming project. During the interview, she definitely acknowledged that superhero fatigue exists. People are much less keen on giant franchise films in general, backed up by the box-office numbers for films like The Flash, Shazam! … Read more

Disney+ Plans to Eliminate Password Sharing Next Year

After Netflix decided to institute policies to get rid of password sharing, they added millions of new subscribers. It looks like Disney is hoping to emulate their success. While Netflix’s new policy about sharing accounts wasn’t popular with the public, the results (at least financially) speak for themselves. And now Disney says it is planning on following suit in … Read more

Zack Snyder Still Plans to Release ‘Sucker Punch’ Director’s Cut

Despite being a box-office bomb and a critical failure, Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch remains something of a cult favorite among the director’s fans. The film was released back in 2011. It grossed $89.8 million dollars at the box office against a budget of $82 million. After the success of Watchmen, Warner Bros. got behind Snyder and decided … Read more