The first trailer for Furiosa has finally been released!

Anya Taylor-Joy enters the Wasteland in the first trailer for George Miller’s Furiosa, the long-awaited prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s been eight long years since we last visited the Wasteland, but the first trailer for Furiosa has finally been released. Oh, happy day! Starring Anya Taylor-Joy as Imperator Furiosa, the Mad Max: Fury … Read more

The New Empire poster released

Warner Bros. & Legendary Pictures release new poster for Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire which orders you to bow to your new king. After facing off against one another in Godzilla vs Kong, the two mighty Titans will have to join forces to face an even greater threat in the sequel. Warner Bros. dropped … Read more

The Last Airbender trailer released by Netflix

Netflix has released the first teaser trailer for their live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender, set to launch next year. Netflix has released the first teaser trailer for Avatar: The Last Airbender, the latest live-action adaptation of the acclaimed animated series. “Water. Earth. Fire. Air. The four nations once lived in harmony, with the … Read more

When Was Amanda Knox Released & Where Is She Now?

Amanda Knox and her then-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were wrongfully convicted in Meredith Kercher’s 2007 murder in Italy. The duo spent four years in an Italian prison before getting their initial murder convictions acquitted in 2011, per People Magazine. However, they were tried and found guilty once again before Italy’s highest court overturned their convictions in … Read more

Kevin Costner’s New Movie Will Be Released in Two Parts

There have been many two-part and back-to-back movies, but typically studios spread those sorts of projects out at least a little bit to help disperse the workload, and perhaps to ensure one film doesn’t cannibalize the other’s box office potential. There was a year between Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame; there were six months between The Matrix Reloaded and The … Read more

New trailer for Taika Waititi’s Next Goal Wins released

Searchlight Pictures releases new trailer for Next Goal Wins, Taika Waititi’s ultimate feel-good underdog movie. Searchlight Pictures has released a new trailer for Next Goal Wins, the upcoming sports comedy directed by Taika Waititi. Based on the 2014 documentary of the same name by Mike Brett and Steve Jamison, Next Goal Wins follows the “infamously … Read more

The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial trailer released

Kiefer Sutherland stars in trailer for The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial, the final movie from legendary director William Friedkin. Legendary director William Friedkin died last month, but he left one final movie for us to enjoy. The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial debuted at the Venice Film Festival earlier this month, and Showtime has now released the first … Read more

First Footage From Miyazaki’s ‘Boy And the Heron’ Released

Hayao Miyazaki has been capturing the hearts of children and adults everywhere for years. With this film, that will supposedly come to an end. Miyazaki is well-known for directing movies like Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, and Ponyo through his company, Studio Ghibli. His works explore deep themes like family, magic, and the destructive forces wrought by unhampered … Read more

The Boy and The Heron Pre-Teaser Trailer for Hayao Miyazaki Movie Released

Ahead of its international premieres at Toronto International Film Festival and New York Film Festival, GKIDS Films has dropped a The Boy and The Heron video for Studio Ghibli’s newest Hayao Miyazaki movie, confirming the upcoming release of its teaser trailer. The pre-teaser video reveals the name of the film’s main character, while also confirming … Read more