‘Joker 2’ Rated R For Strong Violence and Nudity

Joker: Folie à Deux has received its official rating from the Motion Picture Association fo America. The DC Comics sequel will be rated R for “some strong violence, language throughout, some sexuality, and brief full nudity.” (Nudity that is somehow “brief” and “full” feels like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? It’s like a contradiction of terms.) If you look … Read more

Disney Is Canceling Films That Aren’t ‘Strong Enough’

Although they haven’t made any public changes to their release calendar, Disney has apparently canceled several of their previously upcoming film projects. That’s according to Disney CEO Bob Iger, speaking this week at a conference in San Francisco. Asked about how he was going to turn around Disney’s slumping movie studio, he claimed the company had … Read more

Strong Girl Namsoon Episode 9 Photos Tease Lee Yoo-Mi & Byeon Woo-Seok’s Team Work

Strong Girl Namsoon is set to air a new episode on November 4, 2023, at 10:30 p.m. KST on JTBC and Netflix. The series follows the story of three generations of powerful women investigating drug related crimes in Gangnam. Starring Lee Yoo-Mi and Ong Seung-Wu as the lead couple, the drama has become popular among … Read more

James DeMonaco, Pete Davidson horror film gets an R rating for strong bloody violence

The Home, a horror film directed by The Purge creator James DeMonaco and starring Pete Davidson, has earned an R rating While we continue to wait to hear if The Purge franchise creator James DeMonaco is going to have the opportunity to make The Purge 6 (last we heard, he was sounding confident that the sequel is going to happen), … Read more

Apple TV+’s Physical Loses Its Strong Voice in Final Season | TV/Streaming

Byrne continues to use her sad eyes, evident vulnerability, and capacity to exude power to her advantage. Her performance doesn’t shy away from Sheila’s issues, but she never turns our main character into a villain. All of which to say, “Physical” wraps up perhaps too nicely. Season Three harkens back to earlier moments, Sheila examining … Read more

Average Joe Starts Strong but Loses Momentum | TV/Streaming

Deon Cole, standup comedian and actor who reigned as the king of deadpan on “Black-ish,” stars as the titular Joe Washington, a plumber in Pittsburgh who loves his wife Angela (Tammy Townsend) and teenage daughter Jennifer (Ashley Olivia Fisher) . The trio is grieving the death of Joe’s father, and at his celebration of life, … Read more

Jeremy Strong actually drank the “meal fit for a king”

If you watched the Final Succession you might be wondering if Jeremy Strong actually drank the “meal fit for a king”. We have the answer. If you watched last night’s Succession finale, and you know some of the behind-the-scenes gossip revolving around Jeremy Strong’s method acting, during the sequence where Kendall drinks Shiv (Sarah Snook) … Read more