Prime Video’s The Boys Changes Pace, Becomes the Best Version of Itself | TV/Streaming

However, last year with the release of “Gen V,” a spinoff of “The Boys,” it became clear that it may not just be the genre at fault, but the people behind these projects. The spinoff series injected a fresh new buzz into the superhero genre in its own way, and “The Boys” continues the rich … Read more

Prime Video’s Outer Range Opens Up in a Hole New Way in Season 2 | TV/Streaming

The show’s writing, led this time by Charles Murray, who takes over for series creator Brian Watkins, contains the same level of heady philosophizing and convoluted plotting as its inaugural season. But there’s something different about it—it feels relaxed, more well-structured, and ravenous to further pry open the pages of each character’s story through the … Read more

The End of the World is Going to be Weird on Prime Video’s Quirky, Clever Adaptation of Fallout

Adapting open-world games can be a great challenge for film and TV creatives because they don’t have the handy-dandy narrative skeleton to convey what made a game so successful. How do you adapt a game with such little storytelling structure to a genre that requires it? Sometimes it baffles creators and the resulting adaptation feels … Read more

Will There Be an America’s Funniest Home Videos Season 35 Release Date & Is It Coming Out?

Created by Vin Di Bona, America’s Funniest Home Videos, alternatively known as America’s Funniest Videos or AFV, is a video clip TV series. Featuring homemade videos sent in by people from all over the US, the show is based on the Japanese variety show Fun TV with Kato-chan and Ken-chan (1986–1992). America’s Funniest Home Videos … Read more

Prime Video’s Update of Mr. and Mrs. Smith Crackles with Wit and Creative Energy | TV/Streaming

Sloane & Glover’s version of this tale sets a different table from the very beginning. Whereas Simon Kinberg’s script was a variation on the now-common theme of domestic bliss torn apart by espionage—see recent duds like “Family Plan” and “Role Play,” or rather don’t—this take starts with two spies who know exactly what they’re getting … Read more

Female Fans Go Viral With Videos Showing How They Love Star Wars

If you’re active on social media, especially on Instagram and TikTok, you might be seeing a bunch of videos made by and featuring women celebrating their love of Star Wars — all set to the same audio of another woman talking for about 20 seconds about how we don’t need more female characters in Star Wars because “women don’t even watch Star Wars.” … Read more

Prime Video’s Gen V is An Antidote for Superhero Fatigue

Superhero fatigue has finally hit mainstream audiences in the last couple of years. Abysmal box office numbers and critical work about the failings of many franchises have begun to strike. But, one IP remains in the good graces of of fans and critics alike. Since its inception in 2019, Prime Video’s “The Boys” has achieved … Read more

Prime Video’s The Wheel of Time Continues Its Dull Fantasy Worldbuilding in Season Two | TV/Streaming

The problem is, in both last season and this one, “The Wheel of Time” doesn’t have much to offer the discerning fantasy fan. Besides, of course, lengthy runtimes, a glossary of high-fantasy gobbledygook, and plot threads as gossamer-thin as the magical waves the “channelers” of Robert Jordan’s fantasy world twirl around themselves, “Last Airbender”-like, when … Read more

Timothée Chalamet Nabbed Leading Role Because of His Viral High School Videos

Following his star-making performance in 2017’s Call Me By Your Name, Timothée Chalamet’s videos during his time in LaGuardia High School went viral. They featured the Oscar nominee singing, dancing, and rapping. The videos also caught the attention of acclaimed filmmaker and Wonka director Paul King. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, King confirmed … Read more

All 461 of Kim’s Video’s Genres

If heaven exists, I’d like to think it looks like Kim’s Video. The legendary New York City video store, founded by businessman Yongman Kim, operated numerous locations around Manhattan from the late 1980s to the 2010s, but the best and biggest was the one on St. Mark’s Place, also known as “Mondo Kim’s,” which was … Read more