3 Body Problem creators on those additional episodes

After Netflix promised “additional episodes” of 3 Body Problem, the creators have clarified what that means for the series. During Netflix’s upfront presentation last week, the streaming service promised “additional episodes” of 3 Body Problem, the hugely expensive sci-fi drama from Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, but what does that mean … Read more

3 Body Problem star Eiza Gonzalez talks season 2 excitement

Gonzalez, who some say plays the original Bond girl in The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, talks about her hit Netflix show and what possibilities for season 2 could be. An adaptation of Liu Cixin’s sci-fi trilogy, 3 Body Problem, is an ambitious goal. However, Game of Thrones writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss were up … Read more

A New Skin: Losing Control of Your Body in the 2020s | Features

In both “Immaculate” and “The First Omen,” loss of bodily control is not just a betrayal, it goes hand in hand with abuse. Both are let down in the most egregious of ways, impregnated against their will, and kept in the dark until they seek answers for themselves about what’s happening to their bodies. It’s … Read more

Netflix Launches Ambitious, Engaging Adaptation of 3 Body Problem | TV/Streaming

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss know a thing or two about wrestling a sprawling franchise into television form, having changed the medium with “Game of Thrones.” They’re joined by Alexander Woo (“True Blood”) in the creation of “3 Body Problem,” a show about what so much sci-fi has speculated on since its inception: contact. It … Read more

Dead Ringers: Rebirthing Body Horror | Features

This type of horror revolves around the transformation or mutation of the human body through disease, virus, infection, parasites, medical experimentation, or through some supernatural or extraterrestrial force. It is about change generated from within the body rather than a monster or serial killer committing violence to a body. In film, body horror has a … Read more

Berlin Film Festival 2024: Who Do I Belong To, Memories Of A Burning Body, Sons | Festivals & Awards

While they provide the skeleton of the narrative, the visual component of “Memories of a Burning Body” is handled by a few actors, primarily Sol Carballo, who act out the powerful recollections provided by the subject. The moment when they met their first love or when they challenged for a divorce is depicted with delightful … Read more

Diablo Cody is ready for a sequel to Jennifer’s Body, but are you?

Diablo Cody says she’s for a sequel to Jennifer’s Body and reflects on the growing resurgence of the movie over the years. Jennifer’s Body was a box-office failure upon its release fifteen years ago, but it has grown quite the cult following, so much so that writer Diablo Cody is ready for a sequel. While … Read more

Invasion of the Body Snatchers Limited Edition Blu-ray Coming 2024 for Sci-Fi Horror Classic

Phillip Kaufman’s classic 1978 sci-fi horror Invasion of the Body Snatchers celebrates its 45th anniversary next month. It will receive a limited edition Blu-ray early in 2024 from Arrow Video to mark the occasion. The Blu-ray includes a plethora of extras, including a panel conversation with esteemed genre critic Kim Newman, Kill List director Ben … Read more

Our Body movie review & film summary (2023)

And then in a Frederick Wiseman “fly-on-the-wall”-style film, Simon takes us into the most intimate, terrifying, and sometimes joyful moments faced by the people who come to the hospital. But unlike Wiseman, whose films focus on institutions and bureaucracy, the focus here is on the lives of the patients and their interactions with very patient, … Read more

authorities confirm identity of body found near hiking site

Julian Sands, the elegant star of Warlock, is dead after authorities confirm the identity of a body found near where the actor disappeared. The worst has been confirmed by THR: Julian Sands, the unforgettable star of the horror classic Warlock, is dead. The actor vanished in January when hiking in the Mount Baldy wilderness outside … Read more