You Can Call Me Bill movie review (2024)

Circular and repetitive at times, Shatner nonetheless expresses himself with all the self-effacing honesty of a troubadour. Sure, his ramblings wander aimlessly in moments, particularly when musing on spirituality and philosophy. He’ll lope from reflections on his childhood, a youth marred with deceased pets and an emotionally unavailable mother, to quoting Chekov’s “The Seagull” when … Read more

‘Madame Web’ Reviews Call It One of the Worst Spider-Man Movies

The reviews of Madame Web are here. Spoiler alert: They’re not amazing. Or at least they’re not amazingly good. If you’ve been following along with the news around this movie — like, say, the report that star Dakota Johnson left her longtime agency for new representation “just days after a baffling first trailer debuted” — you … Read more

Anthony Michael Hall talks final phone call with John Hughes + His New Projects

Anthony Michael Hall talks about John Candy being on his final phone call with John Hughes as well as other insights into his 45-year career. It’s hard not to think of the 80s without thinking of Anthony Michael Hall. From Sixteen Candles to The Breakfast Club to Weird Science, he was part of many all-time … Read more

MaXXXine First Reactions Call Pearl Sequel a Gory Homage to Dario Argento

The first reactions from a Burbank screening of Ti West’s MaXXXine have emerged, giving us a clearer idea of what kind of horror it is. To the MaXXXine MaXXXine is the third in West’s Mia Goth-fronted horror trilogy from A24, which saw period terror in the 70s set X and in the technicolor prequel Pearl. … Read more

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Feels Like Treading Water | Video Games

And here’s where things get tricky. The launch maps rule. Certainly more than the launch maps for the last two releases. They’re classics for a reason, and the biggest problem with the multiplayer offerings in recent “CoD” editions has been map design. So, yes, it’s all overly familiar and over-priced, but it’s also a better … Read more

Martin Scorsese Issues Call ‘Save Cinema’ From Franchises

Martin Scorsese is an extremely well-respected director in almost all circles. If anyone gets to issue audiences an ultimatum, it’s probably him. Scorsese has called out superhero movie culture before, deriding it as not being an official example of “cinema.” With the way superhero movie releases have been going lately, he might have a solid … Read more

Todd McFarlane on Bringing the Iconic Hero to Call of Duty

ComingSoon Senior Editor Spencer Legacy spoke with Spawn creator Todd McFarlane about the character’s crossover with Call of Duty for Season 6. McFarlane discussed why Spawn works so well in crossovers and Keith David‘s iconic performance as the character. “A deal with the devil is fulfilled in Season 06’s Battle Pass,” reads the collaboration’s description. … Read more