The Most Underrated Horror Movies of the 21st Century

The horror genre is all about shocking an audience, being subversive, trying new and risky things. Sometimes this means that the best horror movies are the ones you’ve missed. For every The Sixth Sense there’s a corresponding The Thing, only appreciated well after its initial release. Whether they weren’t marketed correctly by the studio, weren’t understood … Read more

R.I.P. Icon Norman Lear, Thank You for Your Century of Inspiration | Chaz’s Journal

3. “Cold Turkey”: Back in 1971, Roger awarded four stars to Lear’s scathing satire of the tobacco industry starring Dick Van Dyke and Bob Newhart. “What we need are mean comedies, filled with mean and petty people who hate and envy each other, and exhibit the basest of human motives. Comedies like that canonized W. … Read more

Deadpool 3 to pay tribute to 20th Century Fox Marvel movies

Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy says the upcoming sequel will pay tribute to the 20th Century Fox era of Marvel movies. Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe reigned supreme, the biggest comic-book movies came from 20th Century Fox. Of course, Disney acquired the studio several years ago, bringing those movies and characters into the house of … Read more

Book Excerpt: Scout Tafoya’s But God Made Him a Poet: Watching John Ford in the 21st Century | Features

Master Roddy McDowell, as he’s credited, plays the youngest observer in the valley, the one who witnesses the births and deaths and loves and marriages and betrayals. The film is one of the near-musicals of which Ford was so fond. Song was one of the few languages ​​that can communicate like the moving image, and … Read more