How The Ladykillers Kicked Off Tom Hanks’ Weirdest Year Two Decades Ago | Features

It’s a feeling most deeply felt in the aching reveal shared by Navorski and Warren. “So what am I seeing,” Warren asks Navorski, having just learned that he is not a delayed business traveler but a man without a country. “Who are you,” she further prods, “Unacceptable?” As Navorski, Hanks is kinetic. He relies on … Read more

Why Closer Still Matters Two Decades After Its Release | Features

It’s fascinating to think about Portman making “Garden State” and “Closer” in the same year, both codifying and subverting the “manic pixie dream girl” archetype. In the former, she’s quirky in ways that feel unnatural, as if written by someone who was trying to come up with the ideal woman and ended up with a … Read more