On Luca, Tenet, The Invisible Man and Other Films from the Early Pandemic Era that Deserve More Big-Screen Time | MZS

And what about the horror thriller “The Invisible Man,” one of the most mercilessly tense films I’ve seen in the past decade? It got released right before lockdown and made $144 million globally, a staggering haul for a medium-budgeted genre picture whose biggest star was Elisabeth Moss. Who knows what it would’ve made if it had … Read more

Wrestlers That Deserve A Biopic

The Iron Claw is hitting theaters and tells the tragic story of the Von Erich family, who dominated the wrestling world for two decades. We learn about the triumphs and the tragedy of one of the most significant families in professional wrestling. They are not the only interesting characters in the often time wacky world … Read more

John Carpenter Returns with Peacock Project That Doesn’t Deserve His Name | TV/Streaming

The concept of “John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams” is fundamentally flawed in that these six “true tales of terror” have no real connection other than playing out like disturbing anecdotes you hear at the bar. The vague connective tissue is that each episode is a “true” story told by an interview subject. But they blend supernatural, … Read more