On Luca, Tenet, The Invisible Man and Other Films from the Early Pandemic Era that Deserve More Big-Screen Time | MZS

And what about the horror thriller “The Invisible Man,” one of the most mercilessly tense films I’ve seen in the past decade? It got released right before lockdown and made $144 million globally, a staggering haul for a medium-budgeted genre picture whose biggest star was Elisabeth Moss. Who knows what it would’ve made if it had … Read more

Pixar’s Pandemic Era Movies Will Finally Be Released in Theaters

One of the most depressing movie industry stories of the pandemic was the way Pixar, long the most beloved and acclaimed animation studio in the business, saw its movies go from theatrical events to straight-to-streaming content on Disney+. Now, it was not a bad thing that people could watch these movies at home, especially during a pandemic. … Read more