On Luca, Tenet, The Invisible Man and Other Films from the Early Pandemic Era that Deserve More Big-Screen Time | MZS

And what about the horror thriller “The Invisible Man,” one of the most mercilessly tense films I’ve seen in the past decade? It got released right before lockdown and made $144 million globally, a staggering haul for a medium-budgeted genre picture whose biggest star was Elisabeth Moss. Who knows what it would’ve made if it had … Read more

The People Who Never Stopped Loving Tenet | Features

Those who find the movie willfully baffling — impenetrable for impenetrable’s sake — will be hard to convince. (In Jessica Kiang’s positive New York Times review, she observed, “The film is undeniably enjoyable, but its giddy grandiosity only serves to highlight the brittleness of its purported braininess.”) But for some, like Chinapen, that denseness — … Read more

Christopher Nolan Says You’re Not Supposed to Understand ‘Tenet’

I rewatched Christopher Nolan’s Tenet shortly before Oppenheimer opened in theaters and felt, somewhat strangely, that I understood the film less than the first time I saw it. Maybe the first time I got swept up in the overall story of a mysterious organization protecting our present from time “inverting” interlopers from the future. Seeing it again and knowing … Read more

Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ Returning to Theaters

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is coming back to theaters. Or, from a certain inverted perspective, it is premiering there for the very first time. The film, Nolan’s thriller about a very specific and peculiar sort of time travel, famously premiered as the very first major release back in theaters following mass theater closures in the early months of … Read more