Obscury Road marathon on Shout! TV will show viewers post-apocalyptic cult classics all day

As Furiosa reaches theatres, Shout! TV will be airing Obscury Road, an all-day marathon of post-apocalyptic cult classics Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga will be taking movie-goers back to the post-apocalyptic wasteland as envisioned by Mad Max franchise mastermind George Miller this weekend – but if you want to watch some more post-apocalyptic wasteland in … Read more

Anya Taylor-Joy on Advice Received From Fury Road Star

Anya Taylor-Joy is headlining the next Mad Mad film, Furiosa, as Imperator Furiosa. Stepping into the lead role in George Miller’s iconic franchise can be intimidating. Luckily, Taylor-Joy could turn to her co-star in The Menu, Nicholas Hoult, for advice. Hoult starred in Mad Max: Fury Road, so he knows a thing or two about … Read more

’Road House’ Is Amazon’s Biggest Movie Debut Ever

If any streaming movie can be a “hit,” it looks like Road House is a hit. The 2024 update of the ’80s classic debuted recently on Amazon’s Prime Video. According to Amazon, the movie has already notched “50 million viewers” since its premiere on streaming on March 21. The new film stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Dalton, a … Read more

Doug Liman’s Road House sings sweet chin music on Prime Video with a record-breaking 50 million global viewers

Despite not getting a theatrical release, Doug Liman’s Road House reboot is throwing hands on the streaming charts. According to Deadline‘s report, the hard-hitting action film starring Jake Gyllenhaal is landing decisive blows to audiences with a record-breaking 50 million global viewers in its first two weeks of release. “The groundbreaking, successful debut of Road House is a testament to the … Read more

Giancarlo Esposito Can’t Keep Overcrowded, Rushed Parish on the Road | TV/Streaming

Esposito plays Gracian “Gray” Parish, a man with a dark past who has left most of it behind to run a car service in New Orleans. His life has already started to unwind when we meet him, after the shooting death of his son, leading to problems at work and home. The business is struggling, and … Read more