Adam Wingard’s You’re Next Put a Mumblegore Spin on the Home Invasion Thriller

Before Adam Wingard went on to direct divisive takes on Blair Witch and Death Note, he was busy carving his own niche in horror cinema. His segments in the first two V/H/S movies are highlights, and the giddy chaos of Dan Stevens in The Guest has become a cult favorite at this point. But for … Read more

Daredevil: Born Again and Penguin put on hiatus during the writer’s strike

The union strike from the Writer’s Guild of America continues, and studios are about to really hit a wall if a strike from the Screen Actor’s Guild goes into effect. However, there are many films and TV shows that are experiencing production delays as Hollywood hopes for an agreement to be met. Some projects barely … Read more

Michelle Rodriguez Won’t Let James Cameron Put Her in ‘Avatar 3’

James Cameron, clever guy that he is, found a way to bring back a lot of his favorite actors from Avatar in the sequel, even though in many cases, their characters died in the first movie. Stephen Lang’s Miles Quaritch was killed in the first Avatar‘s big finale, but he’s back in Avatar: The Way … Read more