Fare Thee Well: On the Tenth Anniversary of Inside Llewyn Davis | Features

His overarching, general demeanor is what makes his final passionate performance of “Fare Thee Well” all the more powerful, as it indicates a performer uninhibited by prior restraint—a man changed and shaped by grief and moving past it. He’s playing an old song with new eyes and in new tones. The skill is the same, … Read more

Chicago Style: Andrew Davis on the Making of The Fugitive, Stony Island, and More | Interviews

Your previous film was “Under Siege,” the Steven Seagal action epic that was a big hit for Warner Brothers in the fall of 1992. Had you already agreed to make “The Fugitive” before that one came out, or did the offer come afterward? At the premiere of “Under Siege,” Arnold Kopelson, who was one of … Read more

Vernon Davis cast in Spielberg’s Please Don’t Feed the Children

Former NFL player Vernon Davis has joined the cast of Destry Allyn Spielberg’s horror film Please Don’t Feed the Children During his NFL career, Vernon Davis played as a tight end for the San Francisco 49ers, the Denver Broncos, and the Washington Redskins. Since retiring on the day of the 2020 Super Bowl, he has … Read more

A Documentary That Feels Like an ’80s Movie: Davis Guggenheim on STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie | interview

At the beginning of the documentary, we see Michael J. Fox walking on a Manhattan sidewalk with his physical therapist who reminds him that when he gets stuck due to Parkinson’s he needs to “stop and reset.” That seems to be one of the themes of the film. There’s a theme in the movie where … Read more

Mrs. Davis Overflows with Fascinating Ideas Even as It Struggles to Tie Them Together | TV/Streaming

The phenomenal Betty Gilpin (“GLOW”) stars as Simone, a nun who has committed her life to Jay (Andy McQueen), a magnetic figure who works at a diner, makes falafel for Simone and gives her tickets for jobs to do from his boss, an unseen force behind the kitchen door. The tickets are targets for Simone … Read more